House Rewiring

Live Phase Electricial offer an affordable and efficient house rewiring service in Perth from only qualified, experienced electricians.

Electrical components in an old building can become a mix and match of parts and pieces over the years.  Old cable can get so brittle the insulation starts to flake off and cloth covered wire can be abraded or chewed by pests.  Missing or damaged insulation and scorch marks on terminals in switches and outlets might expose you or your house to a live wire.

House rewiring specialist in Perth, Western AustraliaIn Perth during the 1970’s and early 80’s, joints in electrical cables in ceiling spaces of buildings were often only wrapped in insulating tape.  It has since been found the insulating tape may come off over time. In the interests of safety, Energy Safety recommends remedial work is undertaken by a licensed electrical contractor.

Many older homes in Perth still operate on fuse-wire switchboards.  Fuse-wire switchboards are now considered to be outdated, with circuit breakers and safety switches (RCD’s click here to see our information page) offering more effective protection for the electrical cables in your home. It is already mandatory that residential premises constructed after 1 January 2000 have at least 2 RCDs (safety switches) installed.  Energy Safety, is also preparing draft regulations that will apply to premises constructed before this date. Visit the Live Phase Electrical information page for further information.

Live Phase Electrical, electricians have years of experience in finding and rectifying faults relating to outdated electrical installations in Perth.  If your lights or power fail we can rectify individual faults to get you going again.  If the problem is more involved an experienced and qualified Live Phase Electrician can recommend a course of action for your house rewiring.

If necessary we offer professional services to rewire your switchboard or entire house.