Smoke Alarms

Need a hard wired smoke alarm installed or repaired by an experienced smoke alarm installation specialist?

It is a well known fact that working smoke alarms save lives and limit damage to homes.  In a fire it is likely that occupants will have only one to two minutes from the sounding of the alarm to when their life will be in danger.

A smoke alarm which has been installed by a smoke alarm installation specialist

The best type of smoke alarm to install, according to FESA in Western Australia, is a hard wired smoke alarm with rechargeable battery backup.

It is important to note that all mains powered smoke alarms must be installed by a registered electrician, and must comply with Australian Standard 3786 .  If you have mains-powered smoke alarms with a changeable battery, FESA also recommends you employ a qualified electrician to change the batteries.

The best level of protection can be gained by installing smoke alarms in each room and that smoke alarms be interconnected so that if one alarm is activated the other alarms will sound too.  Special alarms are available for kitchens and the hearing impaired.

Live Phase Electrical can offer Perth based licensed electricians with experience in installing, testing and ensuring your smoke alarms are installed in line with the Building Code of Australia and manufacturers’ installation instructions. New legislation due in 2009 will require that homes and rental properties have mains-powered smoke alarms professionally installed before they can be sold or re-tenanted.

Don’t take any risks with your smoke alarms, contact the smoke alarm installation specialists today.